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Feedback, please.

A simple question:

If a non-native English speaker says to you,

"I like dog."

how do you feel? Frankly, how does it sound to you? Any answer is welcome. :)


Unless there is an actual dog present, it sounds to me like they may have just eaten one for dinner! :)

Found this site http://www.engrish.com/index.html and thought you might find it interesting.

I would probably understand that he likes dogs, not necessairly to eat. If he were from a country where eating dogs was common I would suspect a dinner suggestion.

Knowing that the person was a non-native speaker, I'd assume he just forgot the "s." That is, of course, unless we just sat down to eat or something. Context is so very important.

Darn, I was suppposed to be "Jen". Sorry other Jennifer!

Thanks folks! I appreciate them. Norm, I know about that site. ;)

Nice summary... thanks for posting it.