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Lovely Summer

It's July! Summer! Yay!

I like summer best of all the seasons. Why? Because it isn't, um, cold. A woeful reason? Yeah, it amazes even me. I hate cold weather. It's kind of funny, considering that I was born and brought up in the coldest part of Japan -- Hokkaido! I think I inherit this nature from my grandfather. He was from Gifu prefecture, a central region in Japan. He used to be very sensitive to the cold, and would often have the "heater" on even in midsummer! It's, in itself, an amazing tale, yeah? And interestingly enough, my wife hates hot weather, though she's from Nagoya, a city also in the central part of Japan!


kiyo, here's a strange one: I grew up in Hawaii, but I love the cold. I think because it's so different from what I was used to. I get terribly excited at the sight of snow!

I also LOVE the rain, and so despite the humidity that comes with it, I've been loving the last few rainy season weeks. I'm still looking, however, for the first Japanese person to tell me they too like the rain. It seems a universal Nihonjin trait to hate the rain.

I guess a lot of us aren't too impressed with familiarity. I grew up in California (the sunny part) and I love snow! I was disappointed that we didn't get enough of it this past winter. But the winter before, while everyone was taking shelter indoors, I was running around Inogashira Park, building snow men and throwing snowballs at the trees. Kiyo, consider yourself a lucky man. You get more snow and less cockroaches.

I'm another snow-lover! Unfortunately in London you don't get snow. Well maybe a few flakes on a couple of days in the year, but they nearly always melt immediately! Though I do remember there being enough snow to have fun with when I was a kid. Ah yes, and I don't like hot weather!

OK, snow-lovers. ;)

Kurt, sorry to say, I don't like rain very much. But I also don't like to carry an umbrella. I'd rather walk in the rain. ;)

Jennifer, you got to the point -- cockroaches! Yeah, I'm lucky to not see those creepy, fast-moving insects!

Darren, I know how you feel, but too much snow and that snow-shoveling...argh!

Well how can a Canadian not weigh in on snow?! :) I hate the cold, but I like the snow when I can sit in a warm house and look *out* at it. We get far too much of it to ever get excited over it though. I'd take warm anyday.

And what's this about cockroaches?? Yuck! They don't live here thankfully. Too cold. (Cold is good for something! :)

That is what I like and don't like about Iowa. We get it all. Some years we get a ton of snow and it never gets above freezing for months at a time. Some years we get a ton of rain (93?) and get flooded out. Some years we are at a 100 degrees for a couple of weeks straight. I have even been in situations of 75 degree changes in 24 hours. The saying in Iowa ( and for most of the Midwest ), if you don?t like the weather, wait a day.

Damn cockroaches, we have extras if anybody needs some. :-)

Yeah, Canada! I like looking *out* at snow too. ;)

Yeah, Iowa! No thanks for extra ones, tatroyer. ;) Hey, I like the saying!