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I'm sometimes curious about personal names on the Web.

How did the name "Kiyo" sound to you when you first saw it? On the Net, knowing whether you are a man or a woman is not necessarily a big deal. But I think it interesting that personal names more often than not imply males or females. My given name is Kiyoharu. If you were Japanese, you would know for sure it's a male name. But as for "Kiyo", it's subtle. As a real name, it's almost certainly a famale one, although it could sound old-fashioned now. As a nickname or a handle, it can go either way. Sounds a little feminine, maybe. When giving someone a nickname, we often take the first two syllables from their name. Thus, I'm called "Kiyo" by some of my friends and relatives. I ask people from other countries to call me Kiyo because it's easier to say and I feel comfortable with it.

I'm not particularly familiar with English names, but I know Darren is a male name. Incidentally, in one of the textbooks I use in class, a boy named Darren appears, and he kindly helps Linda to write invitations. Nice guy, Darren. And in the same way, I don't think Kurt and Greg are women. Neither do I imagine Jennifer and Jennifer wear stubble. Michelle is also a wonderful name. What makes me wonder is a man named "Michelle Miyazawa" appearing on Japanese TV as a football commentator. I think it's his real name. Oh, and Hiyoko is a lovely handle, isn't it? Meanwhile, I feel tatroyer sounds like a male name for no particular reason. Not that I see his face on his site. And I guess bcj. is an acronym. I understand it's a fairly common practice to address friends in the US. Right? Hey, I'm KH!



tatroyer = (T)rent (A)lan Troyer or TaTroyer. It is a little strange, but the last company that I worked for had all our email address this way. I don't know why I kept it, I guess it was just easy.

Most people that I hang out with just call me "Troyer". I think it is because you don't find to many people around the Midwest with that last name.

And according to this website:
Trent Means: Dweller by the Trent (river in England)

When I started net, I didn't think much before I picked my handle "Hiyoko." My son was in Hiyoko (chicks) class in his kindergarten. As I got involved in the net more and more, I became kind of ashamed of this handle name. I'm not small nor fluffy nor cute. Rather, I'm tall, fatty and grown-up. Will somebody give me a better name? An elegant one, preferably?

It's interesting to know the origins of people's names. I enjoyed the site. Thanks, tatroyer.

Hiyoko, your handle came from Hiyoko class! That's kind of surprise to me. :)

"bcj." is indeed an acronym. The answer's in my domain name, which is, in fact, my real name.

Pretty tricky, huh?

I use "bcj." to sign off all my e-mails for work and play, so it just stuck. Some people actually call me "bcj" because there are too many Brians in the world. I don't mind it so much. It's better than a lot of things I've been called in life!

Hmm, that Darren sounds very nice! I'd like to meet Linda :)

I've got one for you to think about: "Jade". What do you think?

"Jade"...Is this for me, Darren?
Wow! It's lovely.
There is a place called "Jade Market" in Hong Kong.
Chinese people seem to appreciate jades, although I don't know how to choose a good one.
Can I use this name? Or was this for Kiyo?

Jade is my sister's name! I thought it would be interesting to see who thought it was a girl's name or a boy's name. Some people say both - there are Jade boys, but I prefer it as a girl's name...

You can use it if you want ;)

Hey, Darren, I thought the name was what you suggested for Hiyoko's new handle, because you are so kind as to help Linda. ;) I've been thinking about her name in vain. Jade is a beautiful name. And can you think of some more good ones?

Michelle is in fact my middle name but it is the name that my parents chose to call me. Regarding a man with the name Michelle that is quite common in France although I believe that the men's version is most often spelled with one i, Michele. I could be wrong though.

Thanks for nice information, Michelle.

On the name 'Michelle': this name seems to be more an English variation; in France they use Michel for boys and Michele for girls

(for Kiyo): Actually there ARE guys named Jennifer (according to websites that list names along with their frequency); very uncommon but nonetheless they exist.