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Names II

It seems that more parents in Japan today don't care about traditional naming practices when they name their newborn babies. Among my students these days , I can find a number of ingenious names that couldn't be seen in the past. Also, adopting original use of kanji seems to be a recent trend. That's kind of fun, but when accepting enrollment on the phone, I'm often puzzled over what kanji the parents at the other end are referring to. It's good, at least for my kanji practice.

Speaking of naming practices, I remember a case that triggered a nationwide controversy over it about eight years ago. The story began when a couple tried to name their baby boy "Akuma", which roughly means "Devil". The City Hall refused to accept the notice and the couple filed an appeal to the Court. But in the end, the parents withdrew their appeal and changed the baby's name.

What if the name had been granted?
"Hey, that's Akuma!" ...Hmmmmmm


I'm not sure why they'd want to call a baby Akuma! To us in the West we are most likely to think of Street Fighter - he appears in many households!

Yes, he is a character I like to use. FOr the japanese version, I belive his name is Gouki. I am not sure why they changed it when they brought it over.