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Pretty Cold

It's been a cold summer around here so far, with the temperature less than 20 C (68 F). I feel like turning on the heater in the morning, which I've actually done a couple of times, and turning on the air conditioner in the evening with energetic students around in the small classroom, which I've actually done a couple of times as well. How can I keep in good shape under such conditions? Hey, Summer! What the hell are you thinking about? Behave yourself! Summer should be summer. Give me ORDINARY HOT SUMMER! Oops, I'm hot under the collar.

I experienced this kind of summer back in my junior year at university. I went camping on the beach with my friends. Yeah, we knew that the weather had been weird. But, you know, it was summer. And we were young. Who could stop us from going? Sure enough, we had a supreme time. No sunshine. Extremely low temperature. Nobody would venture into the water. That summer was merciless.

I only hope August is another month.


Hey, Kiyo, I'll trade you! I cannot stand the heat, especially when I'm surrounded by concrete on all sides. Tokyo has been one big oven for the past few weeks. Thank goodness for the rain today.

Sure. Ah, but I wouldn't want to live in a big oven. What about the winter in a huge freezer?

I'm with Jennifer. Let's swap places. I'll gladly put up with a winter in a huge freezer if you'll take my summer in a huge sauna!

Sorry for another comment Kiyo, but I was thinking, maybe this cold is good for your blogging. You've been very active with your posting of late. You need to add a link to your xml feed so I can keep up!

i know what you mean about wacky weather, kiyo. even here in new york it's been all over the charts, all year. summer temperatures didn't come and stay until sometime in mid-june, and it has been, overall, still a mild summer with a couple of two or three-day heat waves. case in point: two days ago it was like 90°F, then it suddenly dropped to the 70s, and tonight's low is 58°!

hang in there. :)

Where I live we get the worst of both worlds. We get terribly hot and humid summers and then typically we have quite cold winters. But we have the most wonderful springs and falls.

Having a wide range of temperature in a day is annoying. But I think it's really nice to have "four seasons."