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Typhoon No.6

It's a sunny Sunday. The temperature is 24 C (75.2 F) and a pleasant cool breeze is blowing -- This is the weather that is quite Hokkaido-like in the beginning of summer. It's nice to have an idle weekend without planning anything every now and then.

Do you ever feel general climate patterns have been a little strange recently? Seems like they are, at least here in Japan. Typhoon No.6 made landfall a few days ago. Unlike American hurricanes, Japanese typhoons are not named but numbered. It's kind of scary to imagine Typhoon Hanako going on the rampage, making her way violently through the Japanese archipelago, or Typhoon Pikachu .... Anyway, the No.6 did a great damage, claiming several lives. It's not usual for typhoons to hit Japan in July; it's been five years since the last July one. And usually, typhoons, which come from the south and move to the north, gradually weaken on the way and change into extra-tropical cyclone before reaching Hokkaido. But this one was different. It kept its savagery and landed in the eastern area of Hokkaido, for the first time in July in 28 years. It went down soon after hitting and didn't come to my town. Phew.

Meanwhile, the weather forecast says another destructive typhoon is on its way to Japan. Aargh!


Glad to hear No.6 didn't make it to your town! My friends have just gone to Japan on holiday - I hope they don't get blown away!

Thanks, Darren. It was weird because I'm not used to typhoons. Oh, your friends are coming? I too hope it won't be bad timing for them.