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I let the students play card games once in a while; after periodic exams at school for junior-high schoolers, and at the end of each month for grade schoolers. They particularly like to play UNO. In terms of English learning, by playing UNO, they will be familiar with the words "reverse," "draw,""skip," and "wild." Only four words, but hopefully they would be their working vocabulary with a bit of good memories.

I have played the game only a few times myself. Oh yeah, so here goes --

A simple question:

When you have one card left, you have to say UNO. OK, I know that. Then what do you say when you throw down your last card?


Sorry, I've never played UNO, but ... I'd say "YEA, I WIN!!!" :)

Alternately, you can say "Take that, suckers!"

(By the way, I like being "The Other Jennifer," so don't worry, Jennifer!)

Uno is a great game. Here is how we play it.

When you are down to two cards and you are laying down one of them, you must say "uno" ( you have until the card hits the pile ). After the card is laid on the pile, and if you have not said "uno", anybody else can say "uno", and then you have to draw two more cards.

To make the game more interesting, we also play with the variation of 0(zeros) and 7's. The way this works is:

If you lay a 0 (zero) everybody must give their hand to the next person in the order of current play. If you lay a 7, you MUST trade your hand with anybody ( just two people trade hands ). All other rules are still in effect. Try it, your students will have a blast.

Oh, I don't know what to say when you lay your last card. I will let you know as soon as I win one. lol :-)

Jennifer(squared) already took my ideas.

Though not being a card gamer myself, I'd probably say, "Let's do something else now."

I don't remember saying anything when you put down your last card. We used to play a similar game called "Just One" (for obvious reasons). My parents called it something else- now that I think about it, the name doesn't sound Taiwanese. Kiyo, is there a game like Uno with a Japanese name?

I love your answers, folks! ;)
Thanks tatroyer, I'll let my students try the variation. And CC, I don't think there is one like that. What's the name like?

It's something like "ca-chi bang stop". *shrug* =T Just thought since a lot of things in Taiwan are adopted from Japanese stuff...

Yes, CC, there is an Uno-like game called "page one stop." Some people call it like "page bang stop." I don't know its origin. Hmmm... Is "Just One" a popular game in the US?

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