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Violet's Diary

There is a student called Violet in my school. An excellent student in 9th grade, she is very eager to learn English. Last week, asked what to do to be one of the best students (or possibly the very best student) that I've ever taught, I advised her to keep an English diary. (It's kind of funny, because, as I wrote here before, I'm bad at keeping a diary myself, you know.) Sure, she did just as she was told to do and showed her seven-day fruition to me yesterday. Great kid. I admired her motivation and promised her to place a given day's entry of hers on my blog once a week -- without any correction. This will continue as long as she keeps it (or I keep this blog). I'm looking forward to seeing how she will improve her writing skills from now on. And hopefully for you visitors, this will be an opportunity to get to know a bit of what Japanese teen-agers are like, if not she is a typical one.

So, this is what she wrote on July 12 -- as it is. No corrections made.

Friday, July 12

Today,Mr.Hatano said, "Write diary in English ,Violet." to me.
So I'm writing this diary now.
First,I'm going to write how I've spent today.

I got up about seven.I didn't sleep enough.
I revolted my parents,especially mother.
But there was no reason.

I went to school.
There,we have six classes today.
Science,social study,Japanese,math,Domestic science and home room.

First class was science.
We learned how to make a child(animal).

Second class was domestic science.
We are going to cook lunch next domestic science.

Third,math.It made me sleepy.

Fourth,Japanese.We learned about "Kei-go".
I'm very good at "Kei-go".It is the Japanese culture.

Fifth,social study.
I'm very bad at social study.In fact,I've got 79points on exam.
But I study hard social study.
Why I can't get good score on social study exam!
Please tell me about that someone!

Sixth,home room.
We wrote about ourselves.
Of course,I wrote about English.I like English the best!
Will I be an English native speaker someday?
I want to be an English native speaker!
But,I was born in Japan.I've already born in Japan.

After school,I went to my club to make an artistic thing.
(I'm in the art club.I'm a captain.)

I came back home around six.
I had already got E-mail from my "Sempai".
He became a high school student this year.
I can't meet him.
So I sometimes go to the station to meet him.
I don't take my mobile phone to school.
If I get an E-mail,I can't read it soon.

I've got a headache since a little ago.
I may go now.See you again!!!


That is great Violet! Keep up the good work! :-)

Thank you for reading.

wonderful! I wish I could write in Japanese one-tenth (no, make that one-one hundredth) of how well you write in English. I'm so jealous! And jealous you have someone like Kiyo to help you along the way. Keep at it, you'll only get better.

Thanks,I'm keepin'.

That was really good. I'm so impressed! Only 9th grade? Really?

Yes.I'm fourteen years old.I started learning English when I was eight years old.

Great job, Violet! I must tell you that you write more accurately than my almost 9th grade, native English speaking son!! Keep up the good work.

Thank you very much!

Very impressive Violet!

Good afternoon Hikari!

Wow I think keeping an English diary is a very good idea. It sounds like you have a very busy day at school.What did you cook in domestic science class? Was it delicious? What are you making in art club? I am looking forward to reading the next part of your diary. Keep up the good work:D

Thank you Michelle!

...Lisa,my real name is top secret.But please come to my class when next our English class.Let's play games!

I am trying to learn Japanese right now and I find it very challenging. So I admire your motivation and dedication. Maybe I should start writing a Japanese diary too, except that it would have to be either in romanji or kana because I don't know many kanji yet! Good luck!