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Violet's Diary 2

Seems like Violet has made a good debut. Thanks for all the warm messages to her. Your comments gave her a lot of encouragement. What I find great about the student is her positive attitude to learning English. "Passivity" is a keyword that well describes Japanese students in general. Among those students, she is without doubt a standout. Also, her English ability is far better than mine in 9th grade. She's got tremendous potential. (Hey, Violet, I MEAN it. I'm not KIDding you. OK?)

OK, here we go. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask her. She'll be happy to respond.

Friday, July 19

Mr.Hatano gave me a good chance.
He's going to publish my diary in his blog.
I was surprised ,
because my English is nothing out of the ordinary.
I thought my English isn't so good , and I've thought.
I'm an examinee,write this diary is hard.
However,I really like English!!
I'm keeping write this diary.
Someday,I read over again this diary.
Will I giggle or get shame?
I can't expect.
Then,Mr.Hatano become grand father?
I can't expect,too.
Please become long-lived man,Mr.Hatano.
Some day,chat away with me in English.

Saturday, July 20

I wanted to watch my diary on Mr.Hatano's blog.
However,my computer was strange.
I couldn't watch it.
I used my mobile phone.
Now,I want to teach every one.
I'm a typical Japanese girl !!
Mr.Hatano wrote,she is not a typical one.
It is wrong.I'm very normal.
But,my face isn't normal as a Japanese.
My friend thought
"She is an American. I must speak to her in English."
when we met for the first time.
Ha!It goes without saying that my parents are Japanese!


You don't have to be "typical," Violet. You are what you are. ;)

O.K! By the way,our summer vacation has started since today,maybe my diary will too?

Hi! I envy you, Violet, and I envy KIYO-san as well, who has a student like you. I'm interested in how you have improved your English. ;-)

And hi! to KIYO-san.
Summer break has just started also here in my school.
This week I'm going to spend most of my precious free time(:-) in studying.

bye now

Hi Violet!!

I just got back in Michigan from Japan, and finally found a chance to vist your diary.
I went back to Japan to do some work and had no chance to go to Chimikepp.
Your diary is great and I am very impressed!!! Keep on going!! Your positive attitude will make you being whatever you want.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

love always

OK, Violet, you can choose a topic a week during the summer vacation.

Welcome here, Serena and toko. Serena-san, I wonder who you are. I can think of two ladies in Tochigi that address me by CAPITALIZED KIYO. :)

WOW! I enjoy IT!