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Wow, the sun is shining today, after a long spell of cloudy or wet weather. I read in a newspaper that this cool summer in Hokkaido has given the local businesses that deal in summer-related goods a hard time. Hey, Su.... OK, I'll go get my car washed at a gas station. I haven't washed my car for a long time partly because of the bad weather. (And mainly because of my laziness, you know.) I predict it will rain tomorrow. I do because my experience says whenever I wash my car, it will rain. Darn!

Meanwhile, it's time for Bon holidays in Japan. Bon, or Obon, is an annual festival for welcoming home the souls of one's ancestors. People take holidays at this time of year. It is reported that Tokyo salarymen seem to have difficulty getting enough summer holidays.

Thanks guys for writing in the guestmap. Now I can tell where Illinois is. ;)


Wow, I did not know that the same thing happens all over the world. When I wash my car here in Iowa you can bet that it will rain here the next day also. :-)

Hello, KIYOsan,

Today it is cloudy here in Tochigi.
In my case, a few hours after I water the flowers in my yard, it will rain ... or if I put our clothes into the dryer, the weather will soon be better :-( When one of these above happens, I somehow feel guilty as a homemaker, because it seems a waste of money (>_<)

What happens after washing my car? Well, I'm not a typical Japanese and I seldom wash it ...

Hahaha! You two rock! :)

We over here are in the midst of a very dry summer. Once in a while we'll get a spotty thunderstorm, which will have not much effect on things. Our grass is all brown. You can hear it crunch when you walk on it. Car washing doesn't seem to help. Ai!


MNW, it also sounds like a terrible summer. I'd never want to wash my car there. ;)

Alberta is very dry this summer. Many of the ranches that provide meat from here are having problems getting hay to feed their cattle because no hay crops have survived.

But I live in Northern Alberta, and there has been more rain so we are fine.

day after
the student car wash,
green grass


Oh, Yashiko, like Illinois, so is Alberta! The climate worldwide seems weird this year.

MNW, this is my first haiku:

Dry summer,
Washing your car
might help

...oops, sorry.

Haha! No need to apologize, Kiyo. I can feel the coolness already.