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Cell Phones

Darren wrote about a smart barber who has two mobile phones. It's a fun story. Yeah, it can be a good reading material for English class in Japan. I think it would be cool if native English teachers in Japan let their students read a lot of what they write. They must be way more interesting and instructive than the bland school textbooks.

I have ONE cell phone. I'm a pretty new user -- it's been only a year since I started using it. I used to think for no specific reason that I wouldn't buy a cell phone. It would be in the same way that I hadn't expected myself to be a PC user before actually buying one in 1995. Maybe I'm more of an analog guy.

Funny thing is, I don't use my cell phone very often. To be more precise, I have hardly ever used it. I haven't sent email via my cell phone. I have used it to access the Internet only a few times. For one thing, I don't go out so often on weekdays. I don't have to commute to work. Well said that unused treasure is a waste of treasure. My thinking for now is that carrying a cell phone will be useful in case of an emergency. That will do. I'm more of a PC guy.


This reminds me of myself a little (not wanting a cell phone). Made me chuckle. I still don't use mine much.

I still don't have a cell phone because there are times when I just don't want to be accessible. Isn't the world too fast as it is? My wife Beth has suggested that a cell phone would, indeed, be useful in an emergency, though. We bought my mom one a few years ago, in case she had a fall and needed help. What really annoys me is people using them while driving. Why can't they just let me eat in peace? :)


There's only one thing I would add to that: you can always switch it off if you don't want to be accessible ;)

Actually, I usually switch it off when I'm at home. ;)