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Cellar Dwellers

As I predicted, it rained the next day while I and my wife were heading for Sapporo. It was a nice drive.

The ball game was awesome. The Yokohama BayStars, which have been our favorite team for more than a decade, beat the Hanshin Tigers 3-0. Yokohama starter Guzman did a great job -- so great that the game proceeded too easily. It was like the game ended well before we could fully enjoy it. I don't get why the marvelous Dominican pitcher had won only one game up to then. But that's all right. Thanks to him, we witnessed one of the few games that Yokohama have won this season. That's great and we were lucky. It was worth while to go all the way from here in the rain, wasn't it? Though I'm not a big fan of pro baseball now, which actually I used to be, we go to watch a BayStars game that is held in Sapporo once a year.

I think I'd better not wash my car day before going to Sapporo next year.


Hiya Kiyo! I'm still around... just... thought I'd pop by your site.

In my new flat (apartment, sorry) a girl left a BayStars cheering 'tool'. Maybe I'll support them too ;)

Hi, Darren. Hope you are getting settled in here in Japan. Staying in Kanagawa, I think you'd better support them. ;)

Go Baystars!

Don't you have a team nearer you to support?!

There is no baseball team in Hokkaido. Even if there were, I'd keep supporting BayStars! My wife is from Nagoya, which has Chunichi Dragons, but she's long been a BayStars fan. :)