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Cold stories go on. Hehe. Since I often catch cold, I think I'd better be an authority on colds. I'm joking. My slight cold gets neither better nor worse -- just like this indecisive summer. Dang, dung. How do you cope with colds, or cold symptoms? I searched the Net for fun, and came up with this site. There, I found a test on how to stop a cold. Why not take it? Boy, the results were amazing. I answered all the nine questions correctly. Call me an authority. Some of them were done by random shots, I confess. Hey, is it the time for me to use my "luck" for this kind of stuff? OK, I've learned the best way to avoid catching a cold is "keep your fingers away from your face, and wash your hands often." Sure, there always seems to be someone among my students that has a cold, sneezing and coughing. I wash my hands with antibacterial soap and gargle after the day's classes, but that seems to be insufficient. Also, "drinking a lot of water, at least ten glasses a day." Aha, yeah, I've tried to drink a lot of water recently.

Be that as it may, it's another cold day today. Hey, Summmmmm....