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Cold Camping

I've had a slight cold for the past couple of days. Seems like I'm susceptible to colds. Or shall I say I'm a big-time cold catcher, huh?

This summer, there's been a big temperature gap between days around here in Hokkaido. A shivering day follows a sizzling day. If you want to catch a cold now, this is the right place. Really.

It's kind of pitiful to get a cold in summer. I remember having a cold at a campsite when I was a kid. My relatives would often get together for camping in summer. I was looking forward to it every time. One summer, I'd had a cold, but joined the camping anyway. It was a terrible camping trip for me. There is a photo of it in which I, heavily clothed in a black coat (!), was approaching to a watermelon with a long stick in my hands. This is a scene of a popular summer beach game in Japan called SUIKAWARI (Splitting the Watermelon). You walk blindfolded to the watermelon and try to split it with a stick.

I have a lot of wonderful memories of summer.


Suikawari is kind of like the Mexican tradition of pinata. The pinata is made out of paper maiche, in the shape of an animal or cartoon character. The inside is filled with candy and peanuts. Then they hang in from a tree and kids take turns trying to crack it open, while blindfolded. We did this once in school for some kind of Mexican holiday, I think.

I have yet to see anyone successfully split the watermelon. If they hit it at all, the stick always bounces right off and the watermelon remains intact.

You don't have a scanner, do you? I want to see that picture. Were you wearing the white mask?

CC, sounds like a fun game. Do you use anything to crack it?

Jennifer, sorry I don't have a scanner. If I get one some day, I'll send the picture to you. No mask. :)

Oops- yeah, you use a baseball bat or a stick =)