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Getting a cold?

A Cold Syndrome. At a 9th grade class yesterday, we were reading a passage on making soup. I called on a student to translate a sentence into Japanese. The sentence was: "Eat it before it gets cold." The student paused for thought and answered. Her translation was something like this: "I got a cold before I ate it." ... She made a hit. She was serious, but it was she herself who laughed most for the answer.

If you are learning Japanese, try translating them. ;)


Kiyo, kawaisou. Your cold has given your blog a cold (theme)! :)

for the first one, how about:
"tsumetaku naru mae ni tabenasai!"

hmmn, second one, maybe:
"taberu mae ni kaze o hitta."

Haha! Yeah, my cold has affected my blog a lot.

Your translation's perfect, except for "hitta" (hiita). A simple mistyping, I guess. ;)