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Inspired by michelle's and TaTroyer's sites, I have set up a guestmap. I'd be glad if you would pin your location on the map.

Though my father was a social studies teacher (retired now), I'm not good at geography. (Incidentally, he also used to teach music, but I'm not so musical. Doesn't it sound interesting I'm the only one in the family that can speak English?) So don't ask me, say, where Illinois is, how Norway and Finland are situated, or where in Australia Canberra is. I know it's no proud matter for someone teaching English. Oh, I have to keep it secret from Violet.

Please enlighten me where in the world you are.


Ooooh, Kiyo, your guest map is cool! I've never seen one before.


Whoops. I didn't mean to cover up Kurt like that on your map. Sorry.

Greetings from Finland!

Hey, like the guestmap! Keep up the good work!

-- m

Nice Site, Please visit mine and sign my GuestMap please.

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