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OK, guys, sounds like it's much better for me to start using Windows XP instead of ME. I didn't know ME has got such a bad name because I haven't cared about Operating Systems for the past year or so. I mean, I've taken things around computers as they are -- often with resignation. So enlighten me as to what specifically are wrong with ME as compared to XP. Just out of curiosity and a bit of aspiration for studying. I know XP is based on Windows NT and so it's more stable. And? I'm beginning to be interested in the new OS.

I've changed the line height a bit. It's funny I've thought my site was designed around the Verdana font since I started this blog.


I like verdana on your site better, it fits better with the "KEC Journal" logo at the top I think.

Thanks, judson, I think so too. :)