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New PC

I have ordered a new PC from DELL Japan and it is to be delivered today. I'm not so excited about getting new PCs as I was before, but, yeah, I want to see it sooner now. The reason I decided to get a new one is that recent RPGs or simulation games, I noticed, are too heavy for my current PC: 600-MHz Pentium III chip and 128 MB of memory. Though I'm not into PC games these days (I have little time and enthusiasm to play - those were the days...), alas, I bought a couple of titles in Sapporo. Actually, I had been thinking of buying a new PC this year, and that triggered the purchase this time.

Moving to a new PC needs a lot of work. Phew. You know, I'm an analogue guy.


Are you getting a new monitor too? Love those flat screens! [got one at work].

I'm dreading the day my PC [got it in 1998, runs on Windows 98] poops out on me... Forking over money for a new computer [I have no clue what's good right now] that will be "obsolete" in a couple of months... =T

Oh! So how fast will your new computer be?

I didn't realise you had Dell in Japan, but I suppose, why not. Do you think PIII 850 for new laptop is too slow? I do, but it's lovely and slim (no drives) - SONY! It's making it hard for me to go ahead and buy it. Decisions...

What is an analogue guy?!

CC, I didn't buy a monitor this time, because I got one last year. A CRT flat monitor. I wonder if LCD is better now.

Yashiko, my new one is 2.53 GHz Pentium 4, 512 MB Memory, and GeForce4. It's like driving a prestige car. :)

Oh, you posted at almost the same time I did, Darren. I think 850 is too slow to play action games. ;) But SONY's good - my (younger) brother works there. Haha! Unlike him, I'm bad at digital things, so I call myself an analogue guy.

Oooooh, that is much faster than what you can get from Dell in Canada. My own computer isn't a brand name, but it is only 1.8 GHz with half the RAM.

Nice spec Kiyo! Yes, the P3 850 is a bit old, even for a laptop, so might have to change my choice of model - for a P3 1.2GHz. Price jump though :( Yes, I love Sony!!! I wonder what sort of graphics cards they have and if they can manage modern games. The trouble is, asking about pcs is somewhat tricky in these Japanese stores! Still, it's quite enjoyable ;)

It must be good for your Japanese practice, Darren. ;)