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Saturday Scruples

It's been a while since I played Saturday Scruples last.

1. The couple in the next apartment is brawling. Later, you speak to the woman who has minor bruises. She asks you not to call the police. Do you call them?

No. She asks me not to and the bruises are minor. But it could depend on how well I knew of the couple, or how mean the guy was.

2. A member of the school board is convicted of shoplifting. She is a competent official. As a parent, do you support demands for her resignation?

No. Give her another chance. If I were her, I would resign, though.

3. You're shaken up in an auto accident. Your lawyer can get a large settlement if you exaggerate your aches and pains. Do you?

Nooooooooo. I hate football players who dive and roll over the ground.


A man with integrity, that's what I like to see... why don't you go and teach Ronaldo a thing or two, or was it Rivaldo? I have forgotten!

Yeah, Rivaldo is typical of those mean players. Ronald is a great player, maybe.