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This page is too funny but very effective to show how to use a Japanese style toilet! One of the things that will confuse you when you first come to Japan may be "toilets." Western style toilets are widely used in Japan now, but you can see Japanese style ones commonly in public washrooms. If you use a Japanese style toilet, you have to be skilled in squatting. Also watch your balance!


Well, that was... interesting.


That's how it is in Taiwan- in Taipei, Kaohsiung and the bigger cities, they have the western toilets, but in more rural places, they have the squat kind. Luckily, I only came across one place with that kind on my last trip two years ago...

I've seen this site before.... and to be quite honest I hope I run into few of these during my upcoming trip!

Hahaha, MNW!
CC, I hear many Asian countries have the same kind of toilets.
And oh, Yashiko, you are coming to Japan soon. Yeah, I understand you hope so. ;)

I seem to be one of the few Americans that prefer squat toilets to sit-down toilets. On the plus side, with a squat toilet you never have to worry about cold toilet seats, or sitting where a stranger has sat. From a housewife's perspective, I can tell you that they are much easier to clean (on a sit-down toilet it's difficult to clean the space where the seat is hinged onto the toilet). Although many people find that squatting is hard on their thighs, it's never been a problem for me.

I've seen that page before too! Good stuff.

Hey, Kiyo, you're stealing my material - I'm the gaijin reporting on Japanese things! hehe ;) Oh well, your site can be my "sister-site" ;)

Ms. Stevens, I'm glad you like squat toilets. Sure, they are easy to clean.

Haha, Darren, yeah, you are going to write about a lot of Japanese things from now. :) Why, you can write about Japanese toilets too. I write things from a Japanese point of view, and you a British point of view. That sounds very interesting! You and I have something in common -- language teaching and learning. "Sister-sites" is a good idea. ;)

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I never been t japan but seen a squat toilet at a store in Santa Barbara Ca