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Violet's Diary 3

Seeing the oyayubizoku's thumb agility, "all thumbs" might be a compliment some day in the future. Acquiring thumbing skills could literally bring about a "golden thumb." Well, Violet is also a baribari-no (energetic) keitai (cell phone) user. I don't know if she is a skillful thumber, though.

OK, here's Violet's diary:

7/28 Summer vacation

There are two hard schedules
in summer vacation.
Those are club and study .


We draw pictures on wall of a company.
About pictures,
we draw a character of the company
called Do-ko kun.
Three Do-ko kun is drawn by us.
Art club is very interesting!
We always take a bus to go to the company.
(Company's bus come to our school
to take us to the company.)
In the bus,we are talking, speaking and singing!
We can't keep quiet(^-^)/
When rest time,we are eating and drinking.

But,of course,we draw pictures seriously,
while working time.


I must study for entrance exams.
I'll take two entrance exams.
One side is a public school
regular course near my town.
Another is a municipal school
English course distant from my town.
I just take the entrance exam
of the municipal school,
because I can't go there.
I want to try my head and English.

After the summer vacation

We have exams about ten (@O@) !


School during summer! I've heard that this is so, for Japanese students. Here in America, students are out of school, usually until late August or early September. I admire your dedication to studying English; if I had more time, I'd try to study Japanese, but I'm also a little afraid of it. Just today, I bought the newspaper _Chicago Tribune_. It's main frontpage headline is "Poor scores for writing alarm state". Many American students feel distant from school.

Tell us more about Do-ko kun. In English, a picture drawn on a wall is usually called a "mural". In Chicago, in certain communities, murals showing the life of the community are popular.


Do-ko kun is character of Doro-kogyo(road construction company).He is a working car,has a big roller and tires.His body color is yellow.

Haha! We could use a Do-ko kun to lighten our mood here in the Chicago area, where road construction seems to be happening everywhere! Thank you for your explanation.


You're welcome :)