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Violet's Diary 4

You can see a lot of English in Japan. Sadly, that doesn't mean Japanese in general are proficient in the English language. I hope Violet will be a true communicator in English.

This week's diary:

Thursday, August 8

I feel English everyday.
There are lots of English in Japan.
Most of Japanese teenage Girls' clothes have English logo.
Even if English logo of clothes is wrong ,we wear them.
Most of girls can't get the meaning of the logos.
I wear clothes(have English logo) within limits.
For example, logo are Milk or Apple or Straw berry,I wear it.
But ,logo are Bitch or Marijuana,I don't want to wear it.

I introduce English logos ,using my fashion magazine .

"My foster parents are dearer than my real mother & father."
"Kiss" "Are you fighting?" "Fresh love" "Wild cats"
"Yum yum ice cream" "Dress this way."

These are English logos that I have.
"Who made who" "Green flower street"


Violet, I like your comment, "I feel English everyday." One time, I read about using English in advertising in Japan. There was a slogan, "I feel Coke," and I kind of understand what it means. Now, when I get up in the morning and I feel really good, full of energy, I say to my wife Beth, "I feel Coke!"

My favorite logo, on a red cap, says just "Red," but with a carat (a little arrow for inserting words) and the letter "a" to go between the "e" and the "d". And I have a t-shirt that says "quietly defiant," which is what my teacher in kindergarten said about me.

We don't get to see much written Japanese around here, but there's more than there used to be. The logos you mentioned sound intriguing.


Google linked me to this page, nice reading