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Violet's Diary 5

Violet has carried on writing. This week too, she wrote about something interesting on junior high life around her. It seems that every school has its own mysterious stories.

Here we go:

Thursday, August 15

I know charms,conventions and rumors about my school.

Do you believe CHARMS ?

I was taught these charms at school.

You put what-do-you-call-it into your purse,
and you'll get money.

You put mustard (karashi) into your purse,
and you'll get a boy friend(kareshi)

This isn't a pun ?G)
You can use Mister Donut's mustard only.

There are many CONVENTIONS about love,about club...

You keep your class tag upside down.
It means,
I'm looking for my boy friend.

Girls get second button from favorite graduate when graduation.

Baseball club's students must not make a girl friend.

Basketball club's students must not eat snacks.

RUMORS have it that...

There are ghosts in certain class.

There is a M-san's house in certain room.