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Working On PC

I've been struggling on the new PC. There are a bunch of things to do before I get the settings right as before. However, the new PC feels very good. This is the first time I've felt the speed of a machine obviously faster than the former one. Windows XP is all right, well, maybe. I think I'm getting used to it. Oh, I've noticed the font of my blog entry looks different. I've used the default font set provided by the MovableType template, and didn't know the primary font is "Georgia," which didn't show up on my Windows Me machine. I'm thinking of changing it to "Verdana." What do you think?


Hi Kiyo - well I've had WinXP for a long while so I am used to your site under XP - I guess with Georgia. I wouldn't recommend ME!

Is your new computer a desktop? I am going to buy a notebook soon!

Personally, I love Verdana. Your Georgia looks fine though too. Maybe bump the line spacing up a notch though, to make it a bit easier on the eye.

Enjoy your new computer. You'll learn to love XP!

Darren, mine is a desktop. Good luck on finding a nice one.

Jennifer, the trouble is, I like Verdana too. But as you say, Georgia also looks good. Hmmm... :)

If isn't broken, don't fix it. Georgia looks fine, so why change it?

PS...you should have bought a Mac. ;)

use georgia or verdana or arial, but please, don't ever use again windows ME.

p.s. archives are up!

Windows ME = evil

'nuff said :p

Yeah, ME bashing, that's what I like to see!

Oh, a mac person - i used to be one actually! Then I was converted ;)

That's actually kind of funny. I used to be a big Windows guy, but along came OS X. Plus, I really didn't like what XP brought to the table and thus I was completely converted to Mac.
I agree though, ME was HORRIBLE. Windows 2000 in my opinion was Microsoft's best operating system--except for DOS. ;)