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A friend of mine is now trying to start a blog. The struggle began when I recommended her to use MovableType. I believe it is the best tool to maintain one's blog. After some trials and errors (caused largely by my inefficient advice), she installed the program on the server space provided by her ISP and posted a couple of entries. I posted a comment and it was successful too. All seemed to go well and she was moving on to the blog design...but only yesterday when she loaded the mt.cgi, she got hit with those nasty 500 Internal Server Errors. What the heck is this? Nothing is wrong with her settings, I believe. In fact, the CGI had worked without any problems at least until yesterday.

Now she is thinking of getting a domain name and placing her blog on a more reliable server as a choice. If so, do you folks have any good registrars to recommend? The thing is, I registered my domain name with the one that seems to have a very bad reputation in the blogging world. So I don't think I can recommend it to her.


I used www.godaddy.com for my registar, but it isn't for everyone.

My host on the other hand is free ^^ with no limits on the space I have or my bandwidth. It's a private server, but it is very good.

The only thing is that I cannot use cgi (so I use blogger for my journal)

Thanks for the info, Yashiko. :) Hey, do you have a journal? Where is it?


This is until I can figure out how to get it to work on my own server.

You have a nice blog, Yashiko! I enjoyed reading it. :)

*major blush* arigatou Kiyo