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Sorry to say, Violet won't be able to write her diary for a certain period of time. She is in 9th grade and thus in preparation for the high-school entrance exams next March. And she has three important achievement tests ahead of her to take at school. To my eyes, being an excellent student, Violet has no problem to get through the entrance exam of the school of her first choice. She, however, seems to be nervous. I know. That's what entrance examinees are about in Japan, whose test-centered education system is often described ironically as "Examination Hell." Even my town, situated in the country, is no exception. Though the students' choice of schools is limited to only a few and there is no stiff competition as compared to the students in big cities, and so the results are greatly foreseeable before actually taking exams, most of them go to Gakushu Juku (cram schools) to get supplementary or extra learning after school. My school could be one of such schools, though I don't think it is.

I hope she will get confidence in herself (especially social studies, she says. English is not a problem at all for her, of course ;)), and start keeping her diary in due course. Gambare, Violet!