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Today is a substitute holiday for Respect-for-the-Aged Day that happened to fall on Sunday.

I usually decide what to write for the day's entry after I sit in front of the computer, check my mail and browse the blogs I visit daily. I do it mostly in the morning. There are days when nothing special comes to my mind. Today is the day. Maybe my thinking is in the holiday mode. ;) It's 11:50 a.m. I guess many of the visitors are spending Sunday night now. Time differences are interesting. If you post a comment, you'll know what time it is in Japan.

Oh, it's about time for lunch.


Your brain is allowed a holiday now and than as well.

Oops, I meant "now and then."

Because I am in "Mountain Daylight Time" right now, I just have to think of Japan's time as 6 hours behind me, plus one day.

So that would be plus six hours minus one day when I'm in Japan?

Yashiko, the time difference between Albarta and Japan is 15 hours. So it can be plus one day minus 9 hours. In Japan, minus one day plus 9 hours. Confusing! ;)

Hi kiyo. I too have times when I am about to write my blog when nothing comes to mind, despite the fact that during the rest of the day I keep thinking I should write about this..that..and so on.

I was working on Monday as we had a school festival. But, that means I get today off instead!

Yeah, Darren, I also sometimes think of something to write about while working, but I'll forget what that was once I sit in front of the monitor. Too bad. :)