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Totally Off The Record is a website collecting off-the-record stories by occupation (the link found via 100SHIKI). Being a kind of teacher, my interest goes to the stories by school teachers, and I found this Japan-related one:

I teach English in Japan to Junior High and Elementary school students. On many occasions, certain students--especially in Elementary school--think it's funny to give me a "Kancho."

Kancho is Japanese for enema, and it's also a "game" that boys like to play, where they put their hands together in the shape of a gun, say "kancho!" and quickly jab the index fingers in their friend's rectum.

These kids have done this to me on several occasions. As if it weren't bad enough that children would even consider doing this to a teacher, once in a while I find another teacher who acts as if it's no big deal, or even worse laughs about it.

What a story. I think "kancho" kids began appearing back in my junior high days, possibly affected by some manga. There are still those kids? I'm glad I've never been kanchoed in my life.


Yes, there are! I've seen boys doing that several times.