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Keep Up Blogging!

Though it was quite an accident that I came into the English-teaching business, I should say it's great to earn a living doing something related to what I like -- the English language. Teaching itself is not necessarily (seems like I've mastered the spelling) what I like to do. I'm not the type who can explain things well. I'm not the type who can handle children well. But experience seems to make you something different. I'm sometimes amused at myself while teaching.

Though having taught English to kids and adults for years, I myself had not necessarily (practice makes perfect) been a dedicated English learner for that period - until this February. I'd been so busy with my teaching work that I'd had little time to study for myself. -- No, that's an excuse. If you will, you can study in any ways. I ain't nothing but a mikka boze.

So I'd been looking for something that would force myself to keep learning English. And I think I've found a good one. Yes, it's this journal. Writing is a good way to maintain and improve your language skills. Also, reading other blogs inspires and teaches me a lot. Reading and writing -- I think that's the key to bring you to the higher stage of language learning.