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Eri of Cronica di Eri wonders if she can link to other blog sites without permission. I understand her, because it's generally been considered to be polite, at least among Japanese sites, to ask for permission before linking to other websites from yours. I'm not talking about Japanese blog sites in Japan -- I don't know how much they have gained ground.

So I'm very comfortable with the free linking practices granted in the blogging world. You can even "deep link" to other blog sites by using archive links. Considering the nature of blogs, those practices can be in the natural course of events. I always feel flattered when I find my site linked to from other blogs. The fact that someone comes to read my blog at all is a great thing for me, much more being linked!

What I don't (wanna) understand is the attitude especially taken by newspaper websites. They generally require you to ask for permission by submitting "the name of your website, its content, the purpose of your link, your full name and address" before linking, only for linking. They may have their commercial reasons or something, but, to me, they look hoity-toity.


Here is a fun thing to do every once in a while.

Go to www.google.com

In the search box (type or copy and paste) put:


(without the quotes)

Enjoy the results.

Yeah, Google collects everything. If used well, it can be a nice data base. Ha!