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Once A Year

I've been leading a "single" life for the past ten days. My wife's been in Nagoya, her hometown. It's not that we have marital problems, of course.

When we got engaged and decided to move to my hometown, which is in a remote place from Nagoya, I promised her mother - her father passed away when she was in junior high - that I would let her come home to see her at least once a year. And I've kept the promise ever since. Together at times, not together at most other times.

She'll be back this afternoon. It's chotto tereru to say this, but I re-realize how much she means to me in those periods. And hopefully she does too.

Today is our wedding anniversary.


Best wishes to you and your wife today, Kiyo! Happy Anniversary :)

I second that :)

Oh, Happy Anniversary, Kiyo! It's a pleasure to hear this! Here's to a safe trip home for your wife. My wife Beth's birthday was Friday, and our anniversary is November 7th (10 years, this year).


What a sweet entry!
A belated Happy Anniversary to you and the Mrs.

Happy Anniversary!

Thanks for the warm messages. We had a nice anniversary.

MNW, please send my 3-day late birthday wishes to your wife Beth-san. And the 10th anniversary is special!

Thank you, Kiyo. Beth also sends her thanks. And I hope your reunion with your wife isn't far off.