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Toilet Again

Did you enjoy the Labor Day holiday? We do have Labor Day, or May Day, on May 1, but it's not a holiday in Japan. Oh yeah, but we'll have two consecutive Mondays off this month -- on 16th for Respect-for-senior-citizens Day and on 23rd for Autumnal Equinox Day.

Now, another toilet story. I've found an interesting and funny website that deals in a unique toilet product (via 100SHIKI). They did a questionnaire survey to females of all ages on "three things males do to blight their lives." Hey, the top two were toilet-related things! Really? According to them, 49 % of those questioned answered "mis-aiming at the toilet," and 43 % "leaving the toilet seat up." So they recommend their product, "Toilet Nanny," a small device that is to be sticked under the toilet seat, and when you raise the seat, it will tell you to aim correctly and put the seat down when done. Haha....

I once read in a local newspaper that many wives in Japan these days ask (or order?) their husbands to sit on the seat even when doing their small business. Ah, not my wife. :)


toire! mata! :)

i have to admit that the women of the house have requested that my father-in-law and I sit on the seat when shishi-ing. I don't mind too much, takes a load off one's feet after all.

I read an article once about a bathroom in [northern European country I can't remember] where they were having problems with the mess around the urinals. People kept missing. So, to solve the problem, they painted tiny flies near where they wanted people to aim. And guess what. It worked. No more mess.

Yeah. I think we can all learn something from this.

Can we get an English version of that for my family? :p

I have heard of this 'aiming product'. I think it's a good idea, but if it works does that mean we don't aim at anything without such a product?! That can't be right.

Yashiko, it's an American product, so why not? ;)

Painting flies is funny but a good idea. We do "aim," but where to aim is a bit delicate matter.

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