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About four months ago, I wrote about an American guy named Trevor who had once stayed in my town as an AET (Assistant English Teacher). He was a very impressive person. We got along with each other and talked about everything from how to write his name in katakana to politics. Although I told him to call me Kiyo, he would keep addressing me "Hatano-sensei" right from around the time we first met. He was such a courteous (and a bit stubborn) guy. However, after he left my town, we lost in touch.

So you could guess how I was surprised to stumble upon the name "Trevor Hill" on the Net. On a blog site I came across, the author's name was just that. I skimmed some of his entries and found he actually used to be in Japan, which made me believe instantly that he was the guy. So I posted a comment, saying "Are you the Trevor Hill that I know?" ...Yes, call me a rude and impulsive guy. He was not the Trevor that I know.

There are at least two Trevor Hills that have stayed in Japan, having remarkable insight into the Japanese culture and language.

Now I think I was really lucky to find a wonderful blog site -- glome by Trevor Hill.


Hey! Thanks a lot. :) I'm really glad you posted and checked out the site. :) It's a funny coincidence though. In my whole life I've only met 2 other people named Trevor, and never another one that lived in Japan... ;)