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100SHIKI (written in Japanese) searches for fun and interesting dot-com websites on the Net and lets us know about those sites daily by email, and, come on, here came another toilet-related stuff! Oh, don't get me wrong - It's not that I get a kick out of toilet stories, really, but, uh, you know, it's become kind of my duty to report when I come across such stuff even though nobody asked me to do so.

So, Peeball. It's a game to destroy a biodegradable ball placed in a urinal. But is it really true the game has a long history? For most men, aiming at something when doing that business could be fun. Oh, I remember someone (...yes you, Jennifer!) wrote about an aiming idea practiced in a European country. Also, I would often see ball-shaped soluble deodorizers placed in urinals, whose name I forgot. When there is something in the urinal, I would aim at it for fun, but don't want to compete. ;)


Is it possible? Can I be...? Yes. I'm actually jealous. Peeball!

Where are you?

Anyone know where I can get a blog setup?