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BLOGGER, Clogged?

One of the typical dreams I have is that I wake up late in the morning and find it's too late to be in time for an important event. Scary. Funny thing is, I always wake up just at that instant, relieved to know that was a dream. So I never know the story after that. It's good that I have a job where I don't have to get up early now, though I'm usually an early bird.

Speaking of a scary thing, I'm surprised to know that BLOGGER was hacked. My first encounter with the world of blogs was through BLOGGER, and I started blogging with the application. (Nobody may know this but the name of my first blog was "KEC Diary.") At first I hesitated to use the system, because I had to upload my blog files to my server via the BLOGGER site, wondering if my FTP login information was secured. But because the application seemed to have gained much popularity, I gave it a go. I still have an account there -- seems like there is no concept of canceling the membership once an account was granted there. I don't have any negative impressions of them, though.

Anyway, it's good that no significant damage seemed to be done this time. Oh, it's thanks to BLOGGER that I came to know tatroyer by chance. ;)


It is just crazy how the internet makes the world so small. :-) I am glad you found my site. I read yours everyday!

Here is a link for a random blog at blogger.com

(Shift click it to get a new window)

Yeah, I'm glad I found your site too. Thanks for another interesting link. I didn't know shift clicking brings about a new window. Wow!

There are a bunch of good keyboard shortcuts with mouse options.

Another favorite keyboard shortcut (keyboard only no clicking) is when you are typing a http web address.

Let say you wanted to go to www.google.com

just type in:


in the address bar, then press and hold the Ctrl key and press enter. (only works with IE)


Cool. That took me to google.co.jp. Thanks, tatroyer.