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Writing the previous entry, I wondered if I was robbing you of your precious time. I'm not writing this blog to entertain visitors, which I don't think I can even if I wanted to. All I can do is write what I want in the way I like. At the same time, this is, in a sense, a process of learning -whatever it is- for me. That said, as long as I expose my writing on the Net, I think it would be nice if my tiny written pieces could give you some fun, in any way.

By the way, is it a season to change designs in the blogging world? I've seen a number of bloggers redesign their sites recently. Jason has drastically changed his blog design and surprised me a lot. To tell the truth, I'm a bit envious. Simplicity and elegance. I like it, really. Also, Ken Loo has been trying to redesign his site, shouting "Whoa!" Seems like the width of the layout is too extended, which I often see in other sites too and makes me wonder why. But, sure, he will make it right. The previous design was so good. He has great taste in choosing colors. Meanwhile, Eri wanted to change the design when she started blogging, but, for some reason or other, has left it as it is, the default template provided by MovableType. Interestingly, I feel the design goes very well with the content now, as if it were her original one.

I have no taste in design. When I started this blog, I tried to make the page as simple and light as possible. For one thing, as I have no choice but to use a narrow-band connection in my area (ISDN - hey, where the heck is "high-tech" Japan?), I didn't want a heavy-to-load page for myself. And, because I'm not confident enough to try to make cool design, instead, I tried to make an easy-to-read page, using sound fonts and colors. Coloring was actually a great headache. So, anyway, here is what I did. Though there is a possibility that this page looks this weird, I think the current design is not too bad. The only problem may be ... content! Now, I'm learning. ;)


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I've noticed a lot of changes lately, too and even redesigned one of my blogs somewhat. I always feel a little strange when other people change their sites. It's as if they shaved their beards, grew a moustache, cut their hair, or got glasses. It takes awhile to get used to the change.

I think your site looks fine. Readability is the most important thing. And interesting? Always!

Thanks, M. And having a wonderful visitor like you is really encouraging!


You have great taste in design! Everything on your page fits together in a nice light, clean and cute way. It matches the casual tone/personality of your blogging as well, which is very important.

I think maybe I need a mascot when I redesign my page. The star, smiling face and snowman add so much character. Though I always wonder - what is that mouse doing? The blue cloth looks like a bag, so I think maybe it is a burglar absconding away with some stolen goods. Or maybe it is a young mouse, running away from home with all its possessions in tow.


Jason, thanks for nice words. If my site looks fine, it'd be because I made it simple. I'm glad you like it.

As for the mouse, actually I don't know what it's doing, either. I placed it there because it looks funny and cute. But, for no special reason, I feel it's a female mouse and wandering alone. :)