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Wow, M of nipponDAZE has started a Japanese blog! It's great and cool, isn't it? I admire her energy to put things into practice. (I'm proud to say I was the first to post a comment there. haha.)

What I find interesting about her new blog is that she seems to intend to not only keep a Japanese journal, but also develop views on linguistic and cultural aspects of both languages (This is done in English. Good read!). It must have a lot to offer to Japanese learners of English as well. (So you can't stop blogging, Melissa-san. ;)) I'm looking forward to the future development of the blog.

As someone who shares a common interest, language learning, I think it's great to be able to exchange views on languages and inspire each other.

And fellow Japanese, though I'm not sure how many Japanese visitors I have here, why not go and visit her blog and join the discussion!