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I used to believe...

"i used to believe" (via 100SHIKI) collects funny stories of childhood beliefs.

Yeah, I think I have a lot of things I used to believe but turned out to be not true later. It's hard to recollect all of them now, but:

I used to believe everyone would take off their underpants before they pee or poo.

I used to believe there's always something sweet to drink in a cute plastic mug. One day when I was 4 or 5, a neighborhood girl was drinking something with a cute mug and I asked her what's in it. She said, "Take a guess!" and I said, "Juice!" She began to giggle and showed the cup to me. It was water. I thought something was wrong. -- But why do I remember this, anyway?

I used to believe junior high students had to study extremely hard and had no time to play. Every time I saw them hanging around, I worried for them if they would be all right. So just before entering junior high, I was fired up and went so far as doing a voluntary "training camp" at my grandparents' house. And... Life is fun. Now I think I should have studied harder in junior high.


I used to believe that the past was in Black and White...it's all because of the old films which are all in black and white...

Thanks for a comment, mopi. Yeah, I know what you mean. The old days are symbolized by black and white images. Sounds nostalgic.