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Nobel Prize

It's cool, man! A company worker who is practically unknown in the academic world won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Good news! I saw an interview on TV and that was terrific. He said because he really never dreamed of winning the Nobel Prize, when he got an English phone call notifying him of the Prize, he thought the "Nobel something" that he heard from the other end of the line was one of those different awards. This episode explains his personality well. In fact, he looks like an unassuming, likable man -- not the type who knows how to get ahead. So it's all the more valuable that his work itself was evaluated. It's surprising that his major in college was not chemistry but electrical engineering. It's also surprising that he is the same age as me. Wow. He gave us hope.

On a language note: He said the news that he won the Prize was "nemimi ni mizu." This tongue-twisteric (makes sense?) Japanese phrase means like "a bolt out of the blue," literally "water pouring into your ears while you're asleep."