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If you read my "Puncture-al" entry, you may have the impression that I'm a punctual guy. Sure...I...am....

Well, I have to confess that, in high school, I would often be late for school. In fact, I was among the "notable" three in my class. Since that was so long ago, I can't remember why I was such a latecomer. I was not a rebel-without-a-cause type of student, nor did I hate to go to school. Perhaps I was mysteriously late only when going to school. Oh, come to think of it, I was two hours late for a date, once in those days. Hmmm...I may have been an unpunctual kid.

So it's funny I've become a stickler for punctuality in class now. I tell my students never to be late for class unless they have some particular reasons, and the kids can follow the rule. Yes, they can. On the contrary, adults here can't. That's the very reason I gave up teaching them so far.