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Oops, I haven't blogged for two days. Well, come to think of it, I wrote in my journal every three days at first. So it's back to normal ... No, no, I've just sabotteta.

"Saboru" is a casual expression in Japanese, meaning "not to do what you are supposed to do" generally out of laziness. It's one of those borrowed from foreign words and changed drastically into Japanese word forms and meanings. Guess what "saboru" is from? It's origin is "sabotage". As you can see, "saboru" has lost its original meaning here, which is one of those things.

You can coin verb expressions by adding "suru" or "ru" to nouns, if you want to. Usually they don't sound good, but relatively popular instances are toraburu (from "trouble"), panikuru (panic), hamoru (harmony), and so on. They are often heard in everyday speech. Some people may think they sound too casual or dasai (uncool).

In (American?) English, many nouns are being used as verbs and they are accepted as they are, which I find funny but interesting. Oh, "blog" can be one of such instances, right?