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It's been six years since I made Saturdays off. Since I'm self-employed, I can make holidays as I like, given that I could secure enough students to carry on business by doing so - things wouldn't go that easy, huh? In fact, it took me much courage to carry it out. Though it has definitely nothing to do with the Saturday-holiday setting, the number of students has coincidentally increased since then. It's kind of ironic, isn't it?

So it's Saturday today. But, alas, seems like my wife and I have caught cold. Coughing!


The hospital I'm working for is closed on Saturdays because of the religious restrictions of the running organization. Instead, it's open on Sundays. Japanese people are often surprised to hear that when they first try to make appointments on Saturdays.

Last March I decided not to work on Sundays, but, for some reason I have had to since last month. Open 7 days a week again! Even though I teach only for 3 or 4 hours on Sundays, I've been so tired. *sigh* Nex year I won't ... can I?

Yuck. Colds are not fun. But at least it's something the two of you can experience together, right? ;)

Go get some movies and stay inside all day.

Hi, Hiyoko-san and Serena-san. Closed on Saturdays and open on Sundays - it's interesting. Serena, you're great! As long as you can, keep it up! (baki!)

Haha, bcj., it's a kind of thing I'd rather not experience together. But we had a video weekend. ;)