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Oh yeah? Ken Loo has successfully sent a ping to my "UPGRADE" entry. Thanks, Ken Loo. Perfect timing! I've been blog-hopping here and there this morning to see how and how much the TrackBack system is used, and working on my template and stylesheet things. OK, now it's my turn to send a ping to his "Trackback" entry. I hope it will work out well.

It's a holiday today. A national holiday...let's see...I'm in the holiday mode as usual...aha, Health-Sports Day! Do you participate in any sports? I was a member of the soft-ball tennis team in high school. Perhaps you don't know what "soft-ball tennis" is. It's just as the name shows: You play tennis using a soft rubber ball, not an ordinary hard ball. I think the game was invented in Japan.

Anyway, lack of exercise these days!


The Kentucky Wildcats men basketball team is on fire. They are the hottest team in the nation since Louisville lost earlier this week to Saint Louis. They have won 14 straight and should be the number 1 team in the land, not Arizona. Kentucky are looking like the biggest threat in the tournament. Go WILDCATS! I BLEED BLUE!