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I've been waiting for the new version of MovableType to be released. The official announcement on the homepage put it that it would be released later in September. Man, it's already October. No, I mean no offence. It's just a matter of common occurrence. I'm thankful for this fabulous application. Actually, had it not been for this program, I would have given up blogging long before. The reason I've been awaiting is that I'm thinking of using the TrackBack feature.

The feature itself was built in in the last version. I didn't upgrade to it because I was completely satisfied with the previous version and didn't see any positive reason to use the new features then. Translation: Upgrading work was simply mendokusai. But since there had been very interesting posts found in other blogs, especially Japanese-related ones, I was beginning to think it might be convenient to use the TrackBack feature to blog about the topics posted on other blog sites, when the upgrading schedule was announced. So I decided to use the feature in the coming newest version.

That said, I don't know much about the TrackBack mechanism yet. To be more precise, almost nothing. I have to read the description.


Kiyo, I too am waiting for the new version, and have been checking MT's homepage everyday for about two weeks now! I want to add search, and I want to arrange my categories, which will mean editing posts, and right now the way MT is configured, everytime I edit a post, it sends a message (ping) to MT that I've updated my site, which I don't want. (the new version fixes that).

I did upgrade the last time, though I too figured it'd be mendokusai. But it wasn't, and hopefully this next upgrade will be hassle-free as well.

Sounds like you have a handle on what TrackBack is for (i admit that I didn't add it for the longest time because I simply didn't "get it"), and implementation isn't very difficult either. Since there is a lot of cross-referencing on various Japan-related blogs, and many of us are using MT, it'll be great to use the Trackback more than I have (only twice!).

I too have been considering upgrading and trying out trackBack - though I have forgotten the exact mechanism now! However, I am scared to mess with my website now that it is in working order. Maybe I will try using the next upgrade too, as it does sound interesting :)

I've thought update pings are annoying too. Looking forward to the new version. And let's make good use of TrackBack!

I like to think of trackback as extending the comments feature off your site and onto other peoples sites. It's also a little like (inventor of HTML) Tim Berners Lee's original idea for two way links. I link to your article and it automatically links back to me.

I found the imlpementation extremely painless, and even worked out how to add a form to my site so that someone could trackback to me manually, if they aren't using a system with trackback enabled.