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Phew. I have upgraded to the new version of MovableType. This kind of work always makes me feel okey-dokey, no, doki-doki (nervous) for fear of overwriting wrong files or something and messing things up. Like driving a car, I don't fully understand the basic mechanisms. It's funny, but when it comes to things around computers, I'm not the type to read through manuals before doing something new. So I often make stupid mistakes. Hope I have done it right this time.

Oh, and I've set up TrackBack. I haven't got a clear idea of the system yet, but anyway here it is.


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So, you've upgraded without any problem, huh? Good. Yeah, I felt the same also when I did mine, as I use it for my Japanese page for language practise as well. But, it was okay. Thank goodness.

Yeah, I still don't know how to use the trackback. Will give it a try with the url to see how it goes.

Hi, Ken Loo. Hey, you have a weblog in Japanese! I've just visited it and felt as if I were reading a Japanese blog by a native Japanese speaker!

Yeah, let's see how the TrackBack system goes.

Ohh.. new version is out and you have upgraded already! Well done, I might give it a try myself.