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Virtual University

About eight months ago, I happened to enroll for an HTML class at Virtual University, an online learning community on the World Wide Web. There I learned the basics of HTML. It was fun and instructive. Actually, the homepage of this web site is what I hand-coded while studying there, so I've left it as it is. And yes, it is thanks to the class that I got to start this blog. I made the homepage, but had no idea as to what to do with the site, when I learned the existence of "blogs." I took it in as one of the contents of this site. I didn't have the slightest idea at that time that it would eventually be THE content here.

Since the end of the HTML course, however, I haven't participated in any classes. In Virtual University, you can enroll for up to three classes at each seasonal semester. So, with the beginning of the fall classes, I decided to take some. What I've chosen this time are -- "Writing Effective E-Mail," "Writing for the World Wide Web," and "Languages of the World." They all sound interesting, don't they?

By the way, do I have time to study?