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ATB Awards

How would you feel if you got an email from a website you didn't know saying you were nominated for some blogging award? Well, honestly, I first suspected that it was a kind of spam....

The fact is, I've been nominated in the "Best Asian Blog" category for the Annual All Things Blog Awards! A surprise. Can I feel honored? I have no idea who happened to find my blog in this broad blogging sphere and nominated it, but I'd like to express my hearty thanks to the person(s). The fact that my blog was nominated for this kind of awards at all is very satisfying to me. Oh, there are some 'Nominee' buttons to choose from? OK, I'll place it on the left hand column and feel good for a while. Now, folks, if you enjoy reading my blog and think it's good enough, please go vote for me. I'd be glad. Even if you don't, there are a bunch of interesting blogs nominated there. Enjoy!


Sweet. I voted for you!

I did too. (^^)

Oh, thanks, tatroyer and Serena. So my site has got at least two votes! ;) Oops, I haven't voted yet!

Congratulations! I'm off to vote for you too!

Thanks Jennifer! I remember like yesterday, you were the first visitor to post a comment on my blog. I have to say how encouraging that was for me to keep up blogging. :)

You have my vote, Kiyo. Yours is such a reasonable and friendly voice in the world.


Thanks, MNW! Long time no see, eh? I really think it is as a reward for starting blogging that I got to know someone like you.

Congratulations! That is a wonderful honor.