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For those who don't know Japanese, "Ohayo" is not actually pronounced like "Ohio." It's "O-ha-yo." OK everyone, repeat after me -- Oh! ... Ha! ... Yo! ... Very good!

With the increase of the number of my fellow-blogger links, I finally decided to sign up with Blogrolling.com to maintain the lists. I've known about the system itself, but at one time I happened to read a post somewhere that said Blogrolling would make your site heavy, and so I've tried to look the other way. Now that I suppose most of you are using fast connections, it couldn't be a problem. Mine is ISDN. Seems like my narrow band gets a little affected by the program; it takes just a bit longer to load my page than before. Anyway, I'll give it a go. Oh, and by pointing your cursor over the "by blogrolling.com" link, you'll know what time it is in Japan.

By the way, my winning streak has been continuing. I accomplished 20 straight days yesterday. If I make it to the last day this month, please congratulate me. ;)


Twenty days is accomplishment enough!! I'm usually lucky if I can get 20 posts in two months. Twenty in a row is definately still worth a heartfelt congratulations!

Ganbare! Kiyo-san! Ganbare!


Thanks, TheRich and Jason. I'll gambaru! Yeah!