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I've upgraded to Version 2.51 of MovableType. I'm pretty swift this time, eh?

Do you ever experience that once there is a phone call, there will follow a series of another ones, and that will happen, of all occasions, when things are so busy? I do. If they were some sweet ones, say, from the parents of my students thanking me for their kids' accomplishments or something, it would be most welcome any time. Well, things are not so easy. On such occasions, the calls will be unwanted ones like investment sales. Once I respond, they will talk on and on and on....

Yeah, I know something like "A sale begins when you get the answer 'No' from a customer." You may have read a bunch of how-to books like "36 Ways To Make An Able Salesman." Good. I know where you are at. But I'm saying "No," knowing all that. I have simply NO interest in that kind of stuff you are talking about. When it's all clear that neither of us gets anything keeping this garbage going on, why should you be so persistent? It's waste of time, you see, so I think you'd better look for another possible customer. Good luck. So, why, well, I'm saying ....

I wonder if there is any good way to turn down unwanted sales talks on the phone.

Hey, let me blog. Oh yeah, thank you for giving me something to blog about today. You are an able salesman, in a sense. And if you were to write a book titled "18 Ways To Refuse A Persistent Salesman On The Phone," I would buy it. I promise.


Don't respond. Just hang up. I used to say, "Sorry, I'm not interested." and then hang up, but then I felt guilty. Once I spoke to them, I acknowledged them as a person and all the requirements for politeness began to kick in.

If you can't bring yourself to simply hang up, then hang up while you are talking (not while they are talking). This way they will think that something is wrong with the phone service...not that you hung up on them.

Yes, I feel the same way. It's hard to hang up without feeling bad once responding, even though probably I don't have to. OK, I'll try the "hanging up while talking" next time. ;)

As soon as I can politely get a word in, I say "I am sorry, but we do not accept unsolicited telephone calls. Please remove us from your database." This works very well for me.

Thanks, David, for good advice. Now that I have two workable plans, I'll try it before hanging up next time. ;)