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This small game is really addictive. When things are so busy, of all times, you will want to do something else, won't you? I will, often will. I don't usually play this kind of games, but once you start, you can't stop.

If you have time, go and play this game on my school site. Oh, don't care about the Japanese description below. It's a Space-Invader type of game. Nostalgia.

OK, I have three more days to go. Phew. Thanks, Jennifer, I had a fun time. ;) Oops, it's time to prepare for today's classes.


That space invaders game is VERY addicting. I hope I forget about it's existance by the time I get to work tomorrow, or I might be in trouble. ;)

Oh, then, don't read this page before going to work tomorrow. ;)